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As an Intuitive Powerhouse with laser-sharp insight, I’m dedicated to helping you unleash your best, truest, happiest, and most delightful self. My goal is to help you live less out of habit and more out of intent, using your own inner guidance system to achieve occupational, financial and personal success.

– Jesse Neidt –

We begin with insight; discovering & identifying the limiting patterns, thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. These may be buried deep below the surface or just a tiny bit off your radar.
Once discovered, we clear this mental and emotional clutter, allowing you the freedom to create new patterns that feel better and align you with upgraded results in every area of your life.
Awareness & Intuition are the key components to this process. I will guide you to seeing, feeling & knowing when something is “off” & trusting your own inner guidance system (intuition). It feels like waking up to what’s always been there.
Living Intentionally means knowing why you do what you do and doing it with awareness and purpose. Taking Inspired action lays the foundation for you to live to your potential and create your own path to a life that matters.

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Jesse has the natural ability to see what’s going on far beneath the surface, and her accuracy is remarkable. Her gift lies in her ability to look at each individual or situation objectively and offer intuitive feedback that is clear, concise, and forward-focused. Rather than simply giving advice, Jesse emphasizes accountability and self-discovery. Her methods are grounded, empowering, and results oriented.

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