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Jesse Neidt is an Intuitive Consultant with laser-sharp insight. She has shared her gift of insight via consulting, mentoring, teaching, and lecturing on the topics of intuition, awareness, energy, and sensitivities.


In 1995, Jesse earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Psychology & Counseling from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.   Since then she has served as a counselor for at-risk youth, Adult Probation Officer & Investigator, Child Protective Services worker, Employment & Career counselor, and High School guidance counselor.


In 2006 she left traditional employment to build her private intuitive practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2011 she began building a satellite practice in Vail, Colorado and now works remotely with individuals, families, and small groups from all over the US and Canada.


Jesse has developed several programs that help both children and adults understand their energy and sensitivities and move through the world feeling empowered rather than vulnerable. She has developed and led workshops on the topics of intuitive development, intuitive dating, energy, and parenting a magical child.


In addition to her degree, Jesse has been trained/certified as a Life Coach, Career Development Facilitator, Level III Reiki Master & Huna Practitioner. She is a former member of Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Chapter of Ladies Who Launch.


With over 20 years experience in counseling, consulting, teaching & mentoring, Jesse takes a playful and grounded approach to her practice and her life.


As long as I can remember, I’ve felt like I was in a world of my own.   When I was young, I felt everything.  I heard, sensed, and saw every tiny detail.   I didn’t have an imaginary friend, I had an entire tribe that no one else could see.  Inside that world I was brilliant, magical, comfortable, and at peace.  My mind was powerful, and I knew who I was.  Outside of it I felt shy and awkward, like an alien in my body.  My clothes itched.   Shoes felt like prison, and sitting in a classroom was torturous.   I was labeled as naughty and always put in the “slow learner” corner.  I kept telling my teacher that I was great at math, just not in this body.  It felt like no one could “see” me the way I saw others.


As I realized that others didn’t see the world the way I did, I stopped sharing my gifts.   I began to feel wrong and ashamed of them.  Eventually, I stopped paying attention to them completely.   I chose to ignore the parts of me that were magical and brilliant because I was afraid that I would be excluded or that no one would believe me.   With that I would create a void that would leave me feeling somewhat empty for roughly the next 20 years.


Named by the Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, the concrete operational period (ages 7-11) is the stage during which children begin applying logic and reasoning to concrete events and therefore disengaging in creative play.  In other words, if we are not encouraged otherwise, this is when we tend to start replacing who we are with who we should be.


I grew up reasonably “normal.” I went to college and earned my degree.  I backpacked through Europe and served in some incredibly challenging, character building roles.  I built a career that I was proud of.  I created experiences that I would not have felt safe creating while fully immersed in my other world.  Somehow, I still heard the voice calling that was wise beyond its years. It was screaming to be heard, even in my silence.


At 32 I lost my boyfriend who had been killed in a car accident.  His death affected me in a way I hadn’t expected. When I buried him, he called to me, “You know where to find me.” The gentle tap on the shoulder that I had been feeling for most of my life suddenly became undeniable.   That’s when I decided to wake myself up.  I began to listen again, and as I made that decision, I began my journey home – back to everything I knew.


Understanding that spirituality and religion are not one in the same, I spent years delving into both- studying different cultures, rites of passage, traditions, and more. I spent roughly a year apprenticing under a Native American medicine woman and even longer becoming a Reiki Master. I learned how to move energy through my hands, my voice, and my intention.  I learned how to manage my sensitivities and use my gifts in service of others.


When I was ready, I found my tribe – the kiddos.  You may know them by several names and labels; I refer to them as energetically gifted and magical.  I wrote programs for them, helping them understand energy, sensitivities, and how to stay connected to who they truly are.  As I did this work, parents and other adults lined up asking for similar guidance.  So many of them craving the sense of awe, wonder, wisdom, and brilliance the children were still connected to.


I feel as though my entire journey has been about finding my own way home, which is why I am so committed to others’ intuitive pursuit.  I love this work more than I can possibly convey.


You are here for a reason.  I look forward to guiding you as you navigate your way back to knowing, remembering, and being.


– Jesse

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