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Clear out the BS so that you can create a better experience for yourself. 


*Release negative thought and belief patterns.

*Navigate major life transition with grace. 

*Understand your own intuition – how you receive it, how to interpret it and how to stay connected to it.

*Take yourself to the next level.



*The 6 Elements of Intuitive & Aligned

          *Crystal Vault – Intuitive

          *Reveal Negative Thought Patterns

          *Redesign the Subconscious Mind



          *Crystal Vault – Aligned


* 6 1:1 Calls with Jesse

I will begin your session 30 minutes prior to your phone call to clear and balance your energy and receive insight on the upcoming session.  During your 60 minute call we will discuss what was revealed, what’s already shifted energetically and where your work is.  I teach conscious language and awareness as tools to anchor in the shifts. 

Each individual will create their own experience – going at their own pace and addressing the elements in whichever order is best for them.  The entire process can take from 6 weeks up to 3 months to complete.  (This is vibrational healing and it is not recommended to complete more than one element per week.)

*Intention alone can trigger the healing process.  Once something has been brought into awareness, the healing process continues by releasing and understanding.  The whole point of I&A is to uncover the things (thoughts, beliefs, fears, the old story, etc.) that are getting in the way of you succeeding in these areas so that you can release them and re-write your story – creating a new experience.   




  1. Sense it.  So you know it’s there. 
  2. Discern it. So you know what to do with it. 
  3. Release it. So you can feel better.
  4. Anchor it. So you can create a different experience.

Move from…

     *confusion, fog and chaotic thinking to clarity and understanding

     *doubt to certainty

     *detached to present

     *dissatisfaction to achievement

     *complacency to passion

     *being indecisive or wishy-washy to conviction

     *disempowerment to harmony and personal sovereignty

     *emotionally exhausted and/or disheartened to aligned with your personal, emotional and spiritual goals

     *feeling disconnected to intuitively guided

     *numbing out to feeling awake, alive and full of life force energy


YOU are your own compass, your own best advisor.  I will be your #1 advocate, reminding you, encouraging you and providing the insight and tools for you on your journey to Intuitive & Aligned.


Hi, I’m Jesse.  I am an Intuitive Consultant and I’ve been in private practice since 2006.  I am the co-creator and facilitator of I&A.  I was given the information experientially – meaning I was intuitively guided through the process myself, long before I knew it was something I would share with others.  The process took me a year of releasing, healing, letting go, creating, downloading, understanding and integrating.  It offered me a higher level of healing and consciousness than I had yet experienced and I was blown away by the process. 

During that time, I was also provided new tools and upgraded language to anchor in the healing and shifting that had taken place. 


My promise to you…

This process is vibrational and requires heart, energy and new thinking.  I will come to the table with all these things as well. 

I will be real with you – always.  I will set aside my own experience, agenda and opinion to facilitate intuitive guidance and feedback.

I will encourage you and challenge you – to dig deeper, to understand, to grow, to trust yourself, to find what you are looking for.  I will share with you my insights and the tools that will help you get there. 

I will continue to remind you that YOU are your own best advisor and that no one will know YOUR truth better than you do. 

I will never judge you or your process.

I will continue to set the example that intuitive development, healing and personal growth can be playful and full of love and that those energies are in fact what heals the heart. 

I will never lead you to feel like you are broken or wounded just so that you keep coming back.  The goal of my work is to lead you to empowerment  and independence – connected to your own intuitive guidance, communicating your truth and aligned with your goals.


If you are…

Experiencing a life transition

Struggling to find your voice or communicate

Feeling off, disheartened, stressed out or exasperated

Seeking understanding, meaning or a deeper connection

Wanting to level up – intuitively, financially, emotionally or spiritually

Ready to let go and move forward

Or if you just want more or better

 …then Intuitive & Aligned is right for you. 

Email with the subject line, I’M READY to move forward. 



When will Intuitive & Aligned start?

Enrollment is currently open.  Participants determine their own rate of completion and can take from 6 weeks up to 3 months from start date.  The program allows access to the Q&A calls and FB community for up to 3 months from the start date.  Enrollment is open until it is not.  At any point, with no notice, it can go to a wait list option.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be issued.

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