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I forgive you; these are powerful words. But who does forgiveness really benefit?

“Forgiveness is simply letting go of the things that cause you pain.” When considered from this perspective, forgiveness benefits the forgiver. It is releasing an energy within that doesn’t feel good and doesn’t serve personal growth. This energy can be pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, fear – all things that when stuffed or ignored, can create illness, disease, skin conditions, rage, self-sabatoge, eating disorders, compulsion, addiction and so on. Letting go is NOT saying that what happened is ok and it is not an invitation for it to happen again. These are two huge misconceptions.

When someone asks for forgiveness, on some level they are asking you to release your own pain. Letting go is an act of self love. It allows the space for you to create a new, upgraded experience. If you are struggeling with forgivess after a divorce, break-up, family issue, death, etc. do not hesitate to reach out. I can help.


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