ALIGN – The Method

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Aligned is a process that I have designed to help others align their goals and intentions with their results and outcomes. It is effective in most endeavors – personal, professional, organizational, or communal.

We dig in with discerning what you lead with. What is the energy that drives you? Is it enthusiasm, empowerment, expertise or fear, doubt and scarcity? The energy that you lead with will undoubtedly end up in the essence of your results. We will review your inner dialogue. What is your story about yourself, the world, who you are in the world and what you are capable of? Is this story true? Do you hold any limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns or behaviors? What is your ongoing inner narrative, and does it feel good?

We will review your external dialogue. How are you shaping your experience by the words you express? If you are an organization, team, committee, etc., what is the climate of your culture? Is it a culture of equity, diversity, acceptance and accountability or dissention, separation, trauma or chaos? How are the dynamics of your members? Are there power struggles or other underlying issues? What is your mission statement and/or policies and procedures? Do they align with the experience you are intending to create?

We will find out where you are stuck, out of sync or misaligned and what needs to be understood and implemented to course correct. I will teach you about conscious language; the energy and value of words and how you can shift your entire experience by using language in a conscious and intentional manner. I will also teach you how to anchor in these shifts by learning to respond differently in thought, word, action, and behavior.

The primary goal of Aligned is to expand awareness and to shift consciousness – both individually and collectively – so that each individual leads with authenticity, integrity, and consciousness. It only takes one to initiate change – one commitment, one person, one collective. Let it be you.

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