Discover and release old patterns to create a better experience

There’s a quiet voice inside you that knows the way forward. Are you listening?

When you were a child, you knew how to trust your intuition, to naturally follow your own inner guidance system and to let the world treat you magically.

Today things may feel differently.  Maybe your career feels restricting, your romantic life lacks passion or you feel stuck in a rut.  Maybe you’re feeling directionless, uninspired or silently waiting for more.

Our outer world flows from our inner world, and sometimes you reach a place in your life when those two worlds are out of sync. Know this: Even in the midst of facing uncertainty and managing overwhelm, there’s a part inside of you that knows exactly what to do.

My job is to help you reawaken that inner knowing so that you can move through the transitions in your life with grace and certainty.

Each month, I send out insights, videos, and trainings on topics like intuitive development, awareness, self-understanding, and fine-tuning your communication skills. Want in?

Hi, I’m Jesse Neidt

For years I worked as a counselor, helping a wide variety of men and women build careers and get their lives back on track. But a few years back, I realized that I could have a greater impact by pairing those skills with my innate abilities as an intuitive.

Today, I help women like you identify where they have become stuck, derailed or complacent, and then dig into the deeper root causes. Together, we’ll create a clear path toward deeper connection—with yourself, with the ones you love, and with the future you want to experience.


There have been many times of uncertainty and transition that I have turned to sessions with Jesse. Her sessions offer clarity, self-empowerment and understanding as well as the tools to keep my mind and body strong.


Approach each day with confidence

Throughout our lives, we take on beliefs about the world and ourselves in order to keep ourselves safe. But often, the beliefs and fears that served you then only hold you back now.

Much of our work together will involve identifying the ideas that no longer serve you and shifting them to make room for growth. In every session, we’ll pair intuitive exploration with practical action. My goal is to help you not only understand the root causes of your situation, but also walk away with real steps to make a change in your life.

Here’s how we’ll work together:

1 | Discovery Session

First things first: What’s on your mind? In our first hour-long video call, we’ll talk through the issues you’re facing right now. As someone who’s developed my abilities as an intuitive, I’ll also feel out your situation on a deeper level and help you identify the areas in your life that need special attention.

By the end of our first session, you’ll have a toolkit of specific steps you can start implementing right now to make intuition-led changes in your life.

2 | Develop Intuition and Build Confidence

After the Discovery Session, we’ll begin meeting regularly to continue working through the beliefs that hold you back, as well as deepening your connection with your own inner voice. You’ll learn how to understand what your body is telling you, and how to turn those insights into intentional action.

Learning how to listen to your own intuition is a process of self-understanding, and the way that inner voice communicates is different for everyone. It is a life long practice that will never steer you wrong.

3 | Check-ins

Many of my past clients will still book one-off sessions when there’s a big decision to be made or roadblock to overcome. These sessions are great for checking blind spots or uncovering options you may not have seen. When you need a little extra support, I’ll be there to help you stay on course.


I worked with Jesse a few months ago, when I had been going through some of the most difficult moments in my life. After speaking to Jesse I came to have such clarity when I previously had just confusion and everything seemed so cloudy to me. I was finally at a place to make some very good and healthy decisions for my life. I am grateful for the time I spent with her. She was completely unbiased and didn’t tell me what to do but asked questions that help guide me to the decsions I needed to make.


Investment: $150 per one-hour session

Complete a short, confidential questionnaire, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss next steps!

When traditional guidance isn’t working, I can help

As someone who’s been trained in both traditional counseling and alternative guidance methods, I’m able to bring a 360-degree perspective and some serious down-to-earth-ness to my work.

Be warned: I will always be transparent with you and I’ll tell the truth as I see it. Together, we’ll dig into the scary topics and the awkward conversations to uncover the root causes of your situation. This level of self-examination can be uncomfortable. But that’s how you grow.

Experience real clarity

Get deep insight into your situation. I can help you navigate the fog of indecision—and learn to trust your own inner navigation system.

Create growth and change

After each session, you’ll walk away with practical steps to overcome your barriers and create positive change out of the chaos.

Receive personal guidance

No group sessions, no distractions—when we’re working together, YOU are my sole focus.


When I think back on our conversation I have a sense of peace, yet remember what changes can be made with an ever so slight flip in focus or thought process. Thank you, Jesse, for making me look at how I think and what I say to myself. I have already implemented small changes and am excited to continue the process.


Get started

Tell me a bit about yourself, and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss next steps!