lead with authenticity & integrity

navigate transitions with grace

rewrite your past narrative

expand your awareness

create change


Intuitive & Aligned

When you release everything that isn’t true, you naturally align with your true north.


group dynamics

collective dialogue

healing communal trauma

communication barriers & strategies

creative resources


Intuitive & Aligned is more than a program or process, it’s a practice and a lifestyle.  You will learn tools and techniques that can be implemented in every area of your life for long lasting and game changing results.

I have a keen insight into energy and dynamics. I see where things are stuck our out of alignment and how to course correct.  I am most passionate about guiding and educating others through the process of clearing out the noise, buliding awareness and moving forward with authenticity and integrity.

– Jesse –


communication barriers & strategies




healing trauma

conscious language

Intuitive & Aligned

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