• Jesse helped me shift my negative thinking and better understand how my mindset effects my game and my life. I believe this expedited the healing process of my injury and eventually increased my athletic performance.

  • Wherever you are in your life, Jesse offers incredible insight as well as practical, sound guidance.

  • THANK YOU JESSE. I set up a pre-op conversation with Jesse Neidt to get myself ready for my deviated septum surgery the following day. I’d been stressed about the procedure for a year because of the typical stuff (pain, what if’s, money). I had a 15-20 minute conversation with Jesse and she gave me some simple suggestions, which I continued to work on before bed and prior to my surgery. My attitude completely shifted and I had NO stress going into the operating room. When I came to, they told me everything had gone particularly well. The cherry on top was feeling happy when coming in to recovery. Jesse, this is one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me. Thank you for your energy and for teaching me the ability to control my energy.

  • Through Jesse’s gentle guidance and encouragement, I was reminded that my life is my own and that I am responsible for my own experience and happiness. She gave me the tools I needed to redirect my thoughts to a more positive place and I am no longer playing the ‘victim’ role. Jesse’s energy is contagious and her insight amazing!

  • When I think back on our conversation I have a sense of peace, yet remember what changes can be made with an ever so slight flip in focus or thought process. Thank you, Jesse, for making me look at how I think and what I say to myself. I have already implemented small changes and am excited to continue the process.

  • There have been many times of uncertainty and transition that I have turned to sessions with Jesse. Her sessions offer clarity, self-empowerment and understanding as well as the tools to keep my mind and body strong.

    Jen - Minnesota
  • Jesse is a burst of positive energy. No matter how seemingly complex or unique my issue, she nails it. I find resolution and clarity every time we work together and who she is makes the process both pleasant and natural.

    Jennifer - Arizona
  • Jesse has a beautiful way of working with others which is both loving and supportive.

    Lori - Arizona
  • Primary take away – I am amazed at how I can say one little thing and she can say back to me in more detail exactly what I’m thinking, feeling, or what actually happened about an experience being described to her with very little detail from me. There were times I would sort of scratch the surface about an event or my feelings about something and it was like she was there and could explain the situation to me as it was but with a little more overall insight because she wasn’t emotionally involved.

    Jennifer T - California
  • Jesse has the natural ability to see what’s going on far beneath the surface and her accuracy is remarkable. Her gift lies in her ability to look at each individual or situation objectively and offer intuitive feedback that is clear, concise and forward focused. Rather than simply giving advice, Jesse emphasizes accountability and self-discovery. Her methods are grounded, empowering and results oriented.

  • It wasn’t just the accurate insight deciphered by Jesse when first we met, but her advice and practical building blocks that truly launched me…to finally being ME! During our sessions, Jesse clearly accessed angelic realms to obtain truth from my higher self and guides. Her ability to then guide me on how to best utilize the information raised my own vibration, which in turn, greatly improved my quality of life. Jesse has held space for me…fostering a safe place where I could accept myself without contingencies.   My work with Jesse has been instrumental in my success as an author.  She is a blessing.   -Leah Downing author of Catch a Falling Star #1 Bestseller on Amazon & 2016 WINNER in Cross Genre Fiction, Beverly Hills International Book Awards® 


    I was referred to Jesse a couple of years ago by long time friends who I trust. Jesse and I connected and immediately I knew I was talking with the right person. She spoke in ways that reached me quickly, providing me insight and ideas that were tangible. Jesse gave me tools to shape and change my life in impactful ways that made improvements easy to gauge and quantify.

    A year ago I was heart broken and a friend of mine suggested that I get in touch with someone named Jesse. It was the best advice. Her positive energy and intuitive nature was exactly what I needed. It was like talking to an old friend that knew you for years. She guided me to heal my heart and open myself up. I did the work and she guided me. What an amazing experience. I look back at those days and smile now. Thank you Jesse!
  • Prior to meeting Jesse, I was trudging through life as a victim. Through Jesse’s gentle guidance and encouragement I was reminded that my life is my own and that I am responsible for my own happiness. Jesse gave me the tools I needed to redirect my thoughts to a more positive place and to see that I am enough! Jesse’s energy is contagious and her insight is amazing. I am the person I am today because of Jesse’s help – and for the first time in a long time – I love who I am. Thanks Jesse – I am so grateful that you are in my life.

  • I first started talking to Jesse when I was working in Scottsdale. We'd chat almost every morning and I knew she was a person I could trust, spill my guts to and have as a close friend. I took my first session with Jesse when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was looking to find out what will make this girl tick, if she loved the name we picked for her, and a general interest in my own personal growth. Jesse knew right away that Juliette was going to be a petite, kind, sweet, caring girl. She told me her name was perfect and would suit her very well. And I'll say, she was 100% correct about my second daughter. She talked to me about my personal growth and how I could move forward with my life in a different direction and be much happier. I can say, just after one session with Jesse, things changed for me. I became more aware of my own happiness, my own journey in this life, and how I wanted to navigate this world we live in. She helped me find myself. Jesse is truly intuitive and if you're struggling with life or just need someone to talk to to help you find yourself, she is the real deal. She is one of the most honest, trustworthy, caring people I know. And the first time you talk with her, you'll know it too.

  • I worked with Jesse a few months ago, when I had been going through some of the most difficult moments in my life. After speaking to Jesse I came to have such clarity when I previosly had just confusion and everything seemed so cloudy to me. I was finally at a place to make some very good and healthy decisions for my life. I am grateful for the time I spent with her. She was completely unbiased and didn't tell me what to do but asked questions that help guide me to the decsions I needed to make.

  • Jesse is amazing at what she does. I was having a lot of issues with PTSD and connecting with people on a deeper level after multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. She helped me work through a lot of the issues associated with combat related PTSD and helped me to realize the importance of deeper human connection. Because of Jesse I am able to connect with my fiance on a deeper level. Thank you for the great work you do.


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