Intuitive guidance for highly emotional kids (and their parents)

When you’re feeling at the end of your rope, it’s time for a different approach.

I know things aren’t easy right now

You’re trying to keep the household together, but your kid is a force to be reckoned with. You’re dealing with meltdowns at school and irrational outbursts at home. Maybe your child is making highly particular requests about their clothing, insisting on going barefoot, or having extreme reactions to loud sounds.

Some kids experience the world in a more intense way, and they don’t understand how to manage their reaction. Administrators and healthcare practitioners may label these children as problem kids, explosive, or strong-willed. I like to call them what they are: energetically gifted children who have such insight and brilliance.


I can help your child manage their anxiety and understand their intense emotions so they can learn how to express them in healthier ways.

Raising someone who doesn’t respond to all the usual advice?

They might need a different kind of support.

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From a career of counseling and now working with magical children, I’ve found that these kids are already under more stress than their parents and educators may realize. Rather than trying to change the child, I focus on giving them practical tools for managing their intense needs, while providing parents with real-world strategies for supporting them. This allows you to work with your child instead of against them.

Helping your child thrive

I help kids learn to manage their sensitivities and express their emotions in healthier ways so they can not only cope in the world, but thrive.

Understand their needs

It’s hard to see your son or daughter acting out with no clear cause. I can help you identify the root causes of their behavior so you can better understand where they’re coming from.

Concrete strategies for change

After every session, you’ll walk away with practical steps to support your child and help them grow into a happy, effective individual.


Jesse has the natural ability to see what’s going on far beneath the surface, and her accuracy is remarkable. Her gift lies in her ability to look at each individual or situation objectively and offer intuitive feedback that is clear, concise, and forward-focused. Rather than simply giving advice, Jesse emphasizes accountability and self-discovery. Her methods are grounded, empowering, and results oriented.


1 | Discovery Session

Our first video call will be a Discovery Session. Think of it as an introductory call—this time will help me get an understanding of your child’s needs and discern where we’ll need to go from there. However, you’ll still walk away with some practical suggestions to support your child right out of the gate.

2 | Building a Strong Foundation

After the Discovery Session, we’ll begin meeting regularly to work through any emotional blocks, communication breakdowns, and sensitivities that are affecting your family. These issues cannot be solved overnight. But over time, our sessions will help your child build a strong foundation for lasting growth.

3 | Check-ins

Many of my former clients will still book one-off sessions for intuitive guidance when they encounter roadblocks, milestones, or big life decisions. These sessions are great for checking blind spots for causes or solutions that you may not have considered. I’m always available for ongoing support!


Wherever you are in your life, Jesse offers incredible insight as well as practical, sound guidance.


Investment: $150 per one-hour session

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I typically work with kids between the ages of 5 and 17.

For younger children, I’m happy to provide as much insight as I can. At that age, it’s important to know everything that they’re experiencing. Older children have a greater need for privacy, so I might focus more of the topics we discussed and specific ways you can help them. However, I will always, always let you know immediately if there is a serious problem or I believe your child is in danger.

While my background is in counseling, I offer my services as an alternative to traditional care. I work primarily through intuition and reading energy, and I use these gifts to uncover the root causes of the issues your child is facing.

Don’t worry—while I use abilities that not everyone is familiar with, I also take a very grounded approach to my work. I recognize that my abilities come with a great deal of responsibility, and I’m committed to being objective. I never let my personal feelings or opinions get in the way of the information coming through. I have also done an incredible amount of personal development so that I can use my gifts in the world while also being a balanced, productive human being.

If you’re located in Arizona, I am happy to meet in person at my office location in Scottsdale. Please indicate this desire when you reach out so I can provide more details.