Helping spirited kids

and their parents thrive together

I’m here to help you bring peace and emotional stability back into your life.

Hi, I’m Jesse

For years I worked as a counselor, helping kids and adults work through difficult emotions and tough situations. Today, I take an alternative approach to my work. Through intuitive sessions, I help young people (or as I call them, energetically gifted or magical children ) understand their emotions—and I help you, the parent, make sense of your child’s unique needs.

Raising someone who doesn’t respond to all the usual advice?

They might need a different kind of support.

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Energetically gifted children often feel anxious, and they need gentle guidance on how to thrive in the world. In general, each session is divided into two parts: A reading with your child to understand their needs, and a follow-up call with you to discuss specific changes you can make to help your child thrive.

Jesse has the natural ability to see what’s going on far beneath the surface, and her accuracy is remarkable. Her gift lies in her ability to look at each individual or situation objectively and offer intuitive feedback that is clear, concise, and forward-focused. Rather than simply giving advice, Jesse emphasizes accountability and self-discovery. Her methods are grounded, empowering, and results oriented.

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